Not just about the Trailers

While our love of Vintage Trailers may bring us together, the friendships we build along the way have sustained this group.

What's A Rally?


Rallies are more formal events where there is a calendar of events, catering, entertainment and a public open house.  These take place typically in April and September.  These events require a registration form and additional participation fees. There is always a public open house at our Rally's that are fundraisers for a local charity.

What's A Gathering?


A Gathering / Get-together is a casual camping experience.  There is typically a group potluck on Saturday evening but no other scheduled events.  These events are booked directly with the campground and no additional fees apply.

This is a volunteer run group that was formed out of a passion for vintage campers. Our goal is to support the love of vintage trailers and promote a common goal of camping together and making lasting friendships.  There is no membership fee to camp with us.

We strive to provide opportunities for all vintage trailer enthusiasts to camp together in and around the southern US.   We hope you will join us at one of the upcoming events in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia and Canada.

‚ÄčWe Make A difference


In past years, we hosted formal structured events (Rally's) a few times a year (generally April, July & September) and partner with local charities to raise money by opening the trailers to the public for a fee.  We are proud to say that since 2014 we've helped our partner charities raise over $62,000  See the events tab for upcoming gatherings and rally's.

No Membership Fee!


That's right!  We have no membership fee.  Our events are self-funded.  Sound odd?  We want everyone to be able to enjoy a fantastic camping experience without worrying about a paid membership.

Since 2010


The group was founded in 2010 to support the areas growing vintage trailer interest.  After many people had purchased and restored or updated vintage campers they realized there were no events within 10 hours of their location.  These individuals proceeded to create the dynamic diverse group that stands today.  The first event was held in Rutherfordton, NC and featured 15 Vintage Trailers from all eras.  Friendships were built that sunny October weekend that became the foundation of the group.